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Understanding Vacuum Tube Amplifier Schematics - Basics - Part 1
Vacuum Tube Amplifier Theory
How Vacuum Tubes Work
Understanding Vacuum Tube Amplifier Schematics - Push Pull - Part 3
TTT082 Tube Circuits
Design and build of a tube amp part 1
Vacuum Tubes - Triode And Multi-Purpose Tubes (1942)
Steampunk Vacuum Tube Sterio Amplifier
Vacuum Diode

Vacuum Diode

Electrical4U   4:24

Vacuum Tube: How Does It Work? (Part 1)
Tube Amplifiers Part 1 - Lecture 16A
Answers on tube theory
Tube Theory part 1

Tube Theory part 1

Dennis Carter   17:27

audio lecture 53, 12AU7 vs 12BH7, simple theory and real application test
The Learning Series - Vacuum Tubes and Amps Part 7
Building a simple Valve Amplifier
More on tube theory
Diode, Vacuum Tube and Solid State, Power Supply
Vacuum Tube PA Amplifier Video #20 - Power Supply Voltage

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