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8er Pendeltechnik (Walking the Cup on stainless Steel tube)
Stabförderung Stahl


Rudger Liebelt   0:37

Tropfsteinhöhle Herbstlabyrinth
Space flight through tubes to TIG welded butt seam roots with videoscope.
wire feed malfunction
MVI 4522

MVI 4522

Rudger Liebelt   0:41

Aluminium Stabförderung
MAG steelwelding basic fluxcored
FW by ISO 9606 1 5punkt4 e
Kollege Roboter am Start
elektrodehand  cameratest
8 teder tecnica portugues
141 T BW FM5 S s2 6 D60 3 H L045 ss gb
141 T BW FM5 S s1 5 D54 H L045 ss gb

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