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[7일의 왕비 OST] SUPERSOUND, Lee Phil Ho(슈퍼싸운드, 이필호) - Dragon Tail(역린) (Official Audio)
[7일의 왕비 OST] SUPERSSOUND(슈퍼싸운드) - The Road of Destiny(운명의 길) (Official Audio)
[7일의 왕비 OST] SUPERSSOUND(슈퍼싸운드) - Hidden Pain(감춰둔 아픔) (Official Audio)
[7일의 왕비 OST] Lee Phil Ho, Park Jong Mi(이필호, 박종미) - YOUR WHISTLING (Official Audio)
[7일의 왕비 OST] SUPERSSOUND(슈퍼싸운드) - It was a sopor(깊은 꿈을 꾸었나이다) (Official Audio)
[7일의 왕비 OST] SUPERSSOUND(슈퍼싸운드) - Catastrophic(파국) (Official Audio)
[7일의 왕비 OST] SUPERSSOUND(슈퍼싸운드) - THE TRUTH (Official Audio)
V.A. Warrior Baek Dong Soo-04. 무사 백동수.mp4
Queen For Seven Days - EP15 | Kiss! [Eng Sub]
Queen For Seven Days - EP11 | KISS!! [Eng Sub]
6. 100 Days My Prince - 100 Days My Prince OST
Lee Yoong & Shin Chae Kyung: Here we go again... (Queen for 7 Days)
【TVPP】Lee Jung Hyun(AVA) - Wa, 이정현 - PC통신도 마비시킬 기세! ‘와’ @ Infinite Challenge
The Last Empress - EP8 | Royal Wedding in Danger [Eng Sub]
The Moonlight Flow by Second Moon- OST Love In The Moonlight Instrumental [String/Traditional]
Queen For Seven Days - EP1 | Boys Peeking [Eng Sub]
Royal Hanbok - What Korean Kings and Queens Used to Wear (왕과 왕비가 입었던 한복)
Queen For Seven Days - EP20 | Execution [Eng Sub]
Queen For Seven Days - EP14 | Kill Me Then [Eng Sub]
The Last Empress - EP12 | Caught Him Cheating [Eng Sub]

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