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Jason Weber, Baritone Sax - Funky Altissimo on "So What" (Miles Davis) - live, Temecula, CA.
Jason Weber - Bari Sax Altissimo - "Can U Feel Me Now?" Transcription
Drake Mouthpieces - Jason Weber Demo
"Sunny" Alto Sax Cover
Jason Weber Antigua Pro One Tenor Sax Demo
Jason Weber - Bari Sax Altissimo - Transcribed Solo
JASON WEBER   I Hear His Whisper   Official Clip September 2018
Jason Weber plays the New "Phil Woods" 7 by Drake Mouthpieces
Purple Rain

Purple Rain

Jason Weber Sax   1:52

Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud

Jason Weber Sax   1:27

Jason Weber - 10M Fan Robusto 8 Tenor Sax Mouthpiece Demo
Hal Leonard - Dave Koz Play-Along - Jason Weber on sax
Can U Feel Me Now? - bari sax altissimo
Can U Feel Me Now? - Bari Sax Cover - Jason Weber solo in background
Jason Weber Solo Sax Demo - Live!
Jason Weber - U Know U Like It
Jason Weber - Tenor Sax Solo
Jason Weber at Summerfest 2009!

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